SPgŠ a SOŠS Mladá Boleslav


Integrated secondary school in Mladá Boleslav is located in the historic city centre. The building of the school has a rich history. The present building was built in 1902 by Monsignor Dr. František Korda and the expenses of the construction were more than one million crowns and they were covered by the priesterhood Litoměřice. In the past the building was an Episcopal monastery.


The school site has far more riche and older historical sources. St. Bonaventura’s church with a former monastery is a part of the area of the school. It was built around the year 1345 and was founded by Beneš of Michalovice. The family of Michalovice got the settlement Mladá Boleslav in the first half of the 14th century and promoted it to town.      About 1500 Karmel grew into a metropolis and became a bishop’s seat.


In the 16th century the Bohemian Brethren school was founded there. The school was attended entirely by boys. The Bohemian Breather property was made over the monastic order of White Friars after the year 1620. In 1785 both the church and the monastery were given to the Piaristen who relocated Piaristic grammar school from Kosmonosy there in 1787. Originally language was German language, since 1817 it has been Czech.


In 1902 there was established the diocesan monastery. In those times the school was renowned for its quality and modern equipment. During the World War I. the school was closed and was reopened in 1919, when a business school was founded there. From 1936 to 1945 there is a gap in historical sources (due to World War II.) therefore, it was impossible to get any information about the school’s history.


In 1958 the school got statute of Apprentice school, and this year its headmaster Ladislav Ondřej represented the Czech team in the summer Olympic games in Melbourne (in shooting). There were taught 3-year courses, the school were filled to capacity (1200 students) and about 20 full-time and 30 part-time teachers worked there. There were taught apprentices for various factories i.e. KARBO Benátky, TIBA Josefův důl. The Shop assistant of motor vehicles course was a unique of its kind in a former Czechoslovakia and there studied students from the Slovak Republic. In 1981 new courses such as Shop assistant, Dressmaker, Textile chemist were opened, therefore, more girls started to attend the school.


After the Velvet revolution in 1989 the school became Integrated secondary school with the new vocational courses as well as 4-year study courses finished with the leaving examination. Today is the headmaster Mgr. Štefan Klíma.